Climate change has been the biggest issue in the world for the past three years. We have been reminded that ice in the Arctic will disappear in the near future; some cities will be flooded as deforestation is going on and so many symptoms show that our mother earth is in danger. From a home point of view home appliances play a significant part in this picture.

Maybe, now you are thinking, is it hard to save our planet? Well, actually not really. Don`t think too seriously about what the world leaders are talking about in international summit whatsoever. You can start saving the Earth from home.

How? Yes, you can start going green by purchasing eco-friendly home appliances. There are lots of green appliances you can choose. Home appliance produced in 1990s saves more energy than that manufactured in the 1980s As an example, the fridge made in 1993 is almost 100% more energy efficient than the same product manufactured in 1980. The sad news is the price of the green home-equipment is very expensive. But think about how much money and energy you can save in the future after switching to greener products.

Now, you are at store and you want to buy eco-friendly home items. Find the products with Energy Star label. Energy Star is a sign indicating the model far exceeds the federal minimum requirement. If the product you buy has Energy Star sticker, it means that the product is energy efficient.

Then, you are going to choose a fridge. According to American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, fridges nowadays use only 25 percent of electricity, compared to that in 1970s. Think about investing in a new model that saves more energy if your fridge is more than 10 years old. Buy a side-by-side freezer/fridge instead of freezer-on-top. Or if you keep your old fridge, you can recycle it, for free or you can pay to do it. You can find information in your area about this recycling program.

Now about the washing machine, despite its expensive price, horizontal-axis washing machines saves more energy than vertical-axis washing machine, which consumes more water and detergent as well.

The clothes dryer is the second largest energy consumer after the fridge. Choose a dryer with a moisture sensor in the drum so it can shut the machine when your clothes are dry. It saves less energy than conventional timed dryers. Or why don`t you switch to the old-fashioned way? Buy a clothesline, so you don`t need to pay anything to dry your clothes

You cook a lot? Use an oven with a second, smaller unit on top because it saves more energy.


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